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snowgall's Journal

Fandom stats, meta, and rec lists

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If you're here to tell me I do fandom wrong, don't bother. I've been told.

My AO3 search tutorials on tumblr:

In the past, I have organized the crowd-sourcing of data from various HD fests to see Who Tops More?

Also have compiled lists of Best of Drarry Fanfiction for various years.

Sometimes have written meta about best practices for dating fics and whatnot.

I've also read an extensive amount of Dramione fanfiction, and before that I was obsessed with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. If you want to see lists of my favorite LBD Lizzie/Darcy fanfiction, I have those on my tumblr account

When not reading and compiling lists of fanfic, I knit and study linguistics.

**Not that I have produced so much, but for what it's worth I hereby give permission for transformative works of my stuff: fic inspired by art, art inspired by fic, remix of fic, translation, podfic, etc. Just please send me a link when you're done!**

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