snowgall (snowgall) wrote,

I just signed up for LDWS!

I just signed up for this, and you should too! There are a few spots left, and sign-ups end this evening. C'mon, it'll be fun!

art used with artist permission – art by red_rahl

LDWS stands for the Last Drabble Writer Standing, and is hosted by slythindor100.

How it works: Participants write drabbles and compete against one another in a round. There will be a different prompt every week, and each week readers vote on which drabble they liked the best and which drabble they liked the least. One or two writers are eliminated each week, and one writer is declared the winner of the week. Eliminations continue until the Grand Finale, when the finalists compete for top honours.

It's all in good fun, no pressure! But more participants makes for a better fest!
Tags: fest promotion, fest:slythindor100 ldws

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