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My Likes & Dislikes Post!

I'm so excited to prompt for serpentinelion's Glompfest this year! However, as I was filling out the prompting form, I realized that I was in the process of writing a freaking dissertation on my preferences, which was way too much for submitting to a fest.

So I decided I should finally make a post detailing all my likes and dislikes in fanfic, just in case someone decided to pick my prompt (I would be so honored!). This came out so much longer than I meant it to; I am much more opinionated than I thought!

If you are so generous as to write for me and have any questions that this ridiculously long post doesn't answer, ask capitu or vaysh. They know what I like pretty well :)

Favorite Pairing: Draco/Harry of course!

    8th year is my favorite, though I also like post-war if it's not all that long after the war or even Hogwarts era AUs. Basically the boys in their twenties or younger. Please no epilogue compliant fics :)

General preferences:
  • Getting together fics rule! Not so fond of established relationship or reconciliation fics.
  • Happy endings are a must
  • I adore first times
  • I like angst but not too dark - hurt/comfort is lovely, as is pining
  • A bit of fluff in places can be sweet but a little goes a very long way
  • Humor is great when it is used in snarky dialogue, witty repartee and amusing situations, but I'm not generally fond of heavy-handed farce, crack!fic or slapstick. No need to try to add in humor if you're not comfortable with it.
  • I generally prefer Ron and Hermione to stay a couple as a background pairing. Any other pairings between secondary characters are fine.
  • I love this pairing, so I want to spend most of the fic reading about Harry and Draco's interactions and developing relationship. Consequently, overly plotty plots that detract from the relationship, or fics where Harry and Draco spend most of the time apart are not as appealing.

Sex stuff:
  • I really, really like sex :)
  • But I do think it needs to be integrated into the story as an important part of plot or character or relationship development. Not just PWP. If this means that only one sex scene makes sense in the story, then that's fine. But if you can find a way to fit in multiple sex scenes without it seeming gratuitous and still maintaining and building on the sexual tension, then that's awesome.
  • I love awkward first-time sex, and awkward post-coital conversations too. No one needs to be a sex god – unless it's important to the plot
  • I don't care who tops or bottoms. I do like a dynamic though, where the boys themselves have a preference (this doesn't mean that one of them has to be more 'feminine' or anything, although I'm OK with that if it makes sense for the character as established). Switching is fine if it's done for reasons of character building or plot development, but willy-nilly switching is not my bag.
  • I enjoy some dom/sub dynamics, but consent and enjoyment for both parties has to be clear and aftercare is very important. No extreme pain play or body mods. I generally prefer the D/s side of BDSM to the B/D and S/M sides.
  • I really like lots of preparation before anal sex - fingering, rimming, whatever works. And lube :)
  • Dirty talk is great if you can pull it off
  • I generally prefer Harry and Draco as gay rather than bisexual (this is not how I feel about people in real life! This is just how I headcanon these characters)
  • Dub-con is a guilty pleasure, but not non-con

I love tropes! Pretty much all of them!
Tropes I love the most:
  • Forced/accidental bonding
  • Soulmates
  • Creatures: Veela and werewolf
  • ABO
  • Compelled to tell the truth (e.g. veritaserum)
  • What if? scenarios (e.g. getting glimpses of alternate realities or the future)
  • Time travel, especially in service to a 'what if?' scenario as above
  • Sex pollen/fuck or die
  • Fake/pretend relationships
  • Bets & wagers
  • Trapped together (bonus points if Room of Requirement)
  • Party games
  • Bed-sharing
  • Hidden identities
  • Forced to work together
  • Pretend relationships
  • Magical tattoos
  • Dark Mark removal/modification
  • Wand connection/return
  • Life debts
  • I don't mind a suggestion of Mpreg in the right scenario, but I don't like fetishization of pregnancy or childbirth.

Dislikes and Squicks:
  • All the usual things like scat, watersports, torture, and gore are all squicks for me.
  • No MCD (Major Character Death of either Harry or Draco)
  • Threesomes/moresomes. Even in a background pairing it just pulls me way out of the story.
  • I don't like non-magical or historical AUs.
  • No infidelity on either side
  • No character bashing
  • Not usually into cross-dressing or genderbender, though it's not a hard squick
  • No incest or self-cest. For this reason, I'm not usually fond of body-swap fics.
  • Please no extended Stupid Misunderstandings (TM) that would have been solved easily with a bit of normal communication.
  • Please no fics with extreme substance abuse. Also please no Harry or Draco as smokers.
  • This may sound silly, but I'm not much of a drinker (alcohol actually makes me ill), so having the characters spend a lot of time in bars or wine cellars, getting drunk and/or recovering from hangovers is kinda boring to me. Realism is important though, so I wouldn't necessarily expect characters to completely refrain from moderate drinking. Just don't have it be the focus.
  • Kid!fic (kids are OK, just not overly cutesy or focus-pulling)
  • Disability!fic
      Note: I don't have a problem with disabled characters, I just don't like for the disability to become the primary focus of the fic, or to fundamentally change who these characters are. The problem as I see it, is that handling a disability accurately and with sensitivity will often mean that a lot of time will be spent explaining that disability to the readers, and this will detract from or take over the rest of the plot. On the flip side, treating a disability too lightly can be unrealistic or offensive.

  • HP is a magical world, so I expect some magic to be at play. Draco living as a muggle is fine, but not if it means that no one ever uses magic.
  • Hate sex (mostly this is something I just don't get). Related to that, I have this thing about excessive fist-fighting, especially if it involves heads banging into walls and floors. Head injuries are a serious big deal, and reading about Harry's head hitting the stone wall with a 'clunk' just pulls me out the story immediately :)

Whoosh. Wow, sorry to have gone on at such length! It was kinda fun though :) Who knew I had that much to say on the matter? I'd love to know what your opinions are or if you think I missed anything important!

Tags: drarry, fandom: harry potter, meta, my likes, pairing: draco/harry, personal

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