snowgall (snowgall) wrote,

Birthday spreadsheet: Masterlist for birdsofshore

Happy Birthday birdsofshore!

I wanted to make you the bestest gift ever, but all I really know how to do is make spreadsheets :(

So I made you one of all your fics. I even included non-HD fics. I *think* I got them all (edit: birds found one I missed, and I've now added it!).

I was being super industrious, so I included columns with "timeframe" and "theme" and "top/bottom" with info for nearly all of you fics. It's as accurate as I could get it, without capitu in town to check it over for me! If you spot any (more!) errors, please let me know!

I added your email address as someone who can "edit", and I am also sharing the viewable link here for everyone else:

I also wanted to tell everyone else that last month birds let me upload one of her early fics to AO3 for her. Go re-read it and give kudos on it if you haven't already!

After Hours at the Ministry of Magic

Love you muchly, and hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Tags: author:birdsofshore, masterlists, spreadsheets

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