snowgall (snowgall) wrote,

Birthday spreadsheet: Masterlist of Lumosed_quill's HD fics

Happy Birthday LQ!

I didn't know what I could do for you, so I made you a spreadsheet ♥

I wish I could write you a fic or do something else creative, but alas, it's spreadsheets and databases that I'm best at :) I'm still riding high on the awesomeness that was your fandomaid fic for me - Slip Into My Lover's Hands - and I know nothing I do will be as amazing as that, but I wanted to give you something.

Link to spreadsheet:

Anyone with the link can view it. It's an accounting of all of your HD fics, whether as lq_traintracks or traintracks. I've included links to the first place published (and pub date) as well as an AO3 link if it exists. Also basic info like rating and word count and summary.

I'm sorry that it's limited to just Drarry, but I was basing this off of my existing database, which is heavily skewed to HD. I didn't have time to find the rest (aside: LQ is very prolific in many pairings and threesomes!)

Hope you have a lovely birthday my dear!
Tags: author:lumosed_quill, birthday gifts, drarry, fandom: harry potter, masterlists, pairing: draco/harry, spreadsheets

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