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Who are the Drarry Veterans?

Because I'm curious about these things, I wondered which authors had been writing Drarry for the longest time. There have been literally thousands of Drarry fanfic authors over the years (not kidding: I've got over a thousand names in my database alone). So in order to find an answer to this question I decided to limit my results by these requirements:

  • The author should have published their first Drarry fic before Deathly Hallows came out on July 21, 2007
    I needed some cut-off date to start with, and this seemed as reasonable a way to limit the list as any

  • Authors should still be currently writing Drarry
    What this means for me is that an author will have published at least one new Drarry fic since May 1, 2014 (i.e. approximately in the last year)

  • Authors should have written at least five Drarry fics in this time period
    I included this restriction because there were a few authors in my database who happened to have written one early Drarry and another one more recently but who usually write for other fandoms or ships. It didn't feel as comparable to the other authors on this list who had been more dependably Drarry/HP focused.

So who did I come up with using these restrictions?

AuthorEarly fic exampleRecent fic example
alisanne 12/2006 Holiday Assignment 05/2015 A Good Night (AO3 here)
charmed310 02/2007 You took WHAT? 04/2015 Whole (AO3 here)
create_serenity 12/2005 I Don't Want To See That In Your Mind 04/2015 Carnal Desires (AO3 here)
dysonrules 03/2007 Draco's Escort Service (AO3 here) 12/2014 Twelve Months (AO3 here)
enchanted_jae 11/2005 The Remedy 03/2015 Potion First, Passion Second
femmequixotic 12/2006 Gone Down The Angel On A Lonely Night (AO3 here) 12/2014 A Private Reason for This (AO3 here)
gatewaygirl 09/2004 Whispers (AO3 here) 07/2014 Breaking the Curse (AO3 here)
lomonaaeren 05/2007 A Year's Temptation (AO3 here) 04/2015 Dark Land of Wonders (AO3 here)
lordhellebore 12/2005 Saving Angel 03/2015 Go Gentle (AO3 here)
mab 03/2004 Best Two out of Three * (AO3 here) 01/2015 'Twas Brillig (AO3 here)
megyal 04/2007 When Love beckons to you, follow him 03/2015 The first of all pleasures (AO3 here)
melusinahp 07/2007 Bells and Whistles 12/2014 Chaos Theory (AO3 here)
oldenuf2nb 07/2007 Anything for Charity 06/2015 Something Spectacular
pir8fancier 10/2004 Lettered (AO3 here) 02/2015 Eight Things that Annoy--HIJACKED BY DRACO MALFOY, FANGIRL
ravenna_c_tan 04/2006 Tempus (AO3 here) 07/2014 Beautiful Oblivion (AO3 here)
samaelthekind 03/2006 All I Ever Wanted (AO3 here) 08/2014 Getting Off And Getting Even (AO3 here)
sassy_cissa 05/2007 Three Little Words 03/2015 Seamus Finnigan is Lucky He's Alive (AO3 here)
sdkshelly 06/2006 Good Day To Be Alive (AO3 here) 07/2014 Pub Night (AO3 here)
taradiane 09/2004 Inevitable (AO3 here) 12/2014 Love Comes Tumbling (AO3 here)
twistedm 03/2006 Captured 05/2014 Harry Potter and the Obnoxious Heirloom (AO3 here)
zeitgeistic 07/2006 Black, in the Smothering Dark 07/2014 Potential Gravity (AO3 here)

* the original link to mab's early fic "Best Two Out of Three" is locked. But here's a screenshot for anyone who'd like to see the evidence :)

My database is large but not infinite. Any omissions are unintentional - if you know of an author who should be on this list who I didn't include, please let me know ASAP!

Keep in mind:
  • You might be wondering where faithwood and who_la_hoop are on this list. So far as I can tell, they published their first Drarry fics after DH came out. If I'm wrong about that, I would love to know it!

  • If an author has currently written a fic which is still anonymous for a fest, I can't know that, so I couldn't factor that in. I'm sorry if that means I left anyone off this list. Let me know after reveals, and I'll fix it.

  • Co-authorship sometimes messes up my search results (for *reasons*) so if an author co-authored early fics I might not have realized it and may have missed them in my search. Let me know and I'll add them in!

  • If an author's early fics aren't dated, then I can't know when they were published and so couldn't include them in my search. Please try to verify dates for me if you think I've missed someone. (Oh hey, another reason dates matter :)
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