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Which fanfic titles are most common?

In a recent tumblr post, eidheann_writes mentioned that duplicate titles of fanfics are quite common, so when reccing a fic you really need to give the author's name and not just the title. (Actually, there are many reasons why you should always credit the author of a work when you rec it, but that's not the point of this post :)

She gave as examples her own fic Twelve Hours and dysonrules's Twelve Months, both from last year's hd_erised fest. And while these titles are certainly similar, I was intrigued enough by her observation that I wanted to see how many true duplicates I could find (because I'm crazy like that). Duplicate pairs are too numerous to list, so I decided stick with titles that came up at least three or more times in my database.

Common Drarry fanfic titles:

Home by alovelycupoftea
Home by shine_alive
Home by sesheta_66
Home by starpleiades
Home by bloodisshrp

The Ties That Bind by phoenix_writing
The Ties That Bind by killerangels13
The Ties That Bind by alisanne
The Ties That Bind by cathouse_mary
The Ties That Bind Us by faithwood
The Ties That Bind Us by dracoxlovesxharry

The List by lucilla_darkate
The List by tari_sue
The List by badcook
The List by lamerezouille

Resistance by silentauror
Resistance by diagonfloo
Resistance by all_not_well
Resistance by lamerezouille (added 9 May 2015)

The Wand Chooses the Wizard by treacle_tartlet
The Wand Chooses the Wizard by ravenna_c_tan
The Wand Chooses the Wizard by writcraft

And here are some that are just eerily similar:

Burn by EliraWinter
Burn by hdwriter
Burn, Burn by marguerite_26
Burn, Burn, Burn by josephinestone

Hidden in Plain Sight by momatu
Hiding in Plain Sight by okydoky
Hiding In Plain Sight by beren
Hiding in Plain Sight by gestaltrose
Hiding in Plain View by autumn_veela
In Plain Sight by taradiane
In Plain Sight by oldenuf2nb

I hope it's clear that I'm not making a criticism - these titles are all great, and I don't think the fics should have been called anything else. I'm merely supporting eidheann's point that giving the title alone is not enough to conclusively identify a fanfic.

Edit: amorette just pointed out another one to me in the comments:

Best Laid Plans by 6shotamericano
Best-Laid Plans by leo_draconis
The Best Laid Plans by winterstorrm
The Best Laid Plans by cassie_black12
The Best Laid Plans of Lucius Malfoy by erised_dreams
The Best Laid Plans of Scorpius Malfoy by amorette
The Best Laid Plans of Hufflepuffs by birdsofshore


Edit 2: found another set 4/26/2015:

Rumours by silentauror
Rumours by winterstorrm
Rumours by gatewaygirl
Rumor Has It by emmagrant01
Rumour Has It by patientiapudor
Rumour Has It by roelliej
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